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That FB message greeted me when I woke up today.

This client had fired four separate sales reps. He’s been wanting to build his sales team. But he tried to scale too fast. That led to a bad hire. Then he torched his ad budget. If you’re reading this, you probably know what happened next. He slammed the brakes. Fired the sales rep. 

He caught his breath. Tried again. 
Same result.

He finally came to me with his hat in his hand. He saw my previous results and trusted I could get him to his goal of $3 Million this year.

We hired a sales rep in less than a month. This rep has closed 3 sales to the tune of $22K in revenue. In 3 days on the phone. 

If you want to build your sales team, you’re more than welcome to reinvent the wheel. Most of my clients do before they come to me.

But if you want to cut the learning curve and get the edge on your competition, then click the yellow button and apply to work with me.

  • Stop Firing Sales Reps
  • Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend
  • Quit Working "In" Your Business
  • Dominate Your Market
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